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Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 Quick Start Guide

(10 min, 3 sec.)

This quick start guide will help users find their way around for the first time in InduSoft Web Studio. Take advantage of all the great tools our SCADA software provides! (10 min, 3 sec.)

  • Great demos included on the DVD that will allow you to take apart applications and see how they were put together.
  • How to create a new project in IWS on any supported Microsoft operating system, from Windows Server editions to Windows Embedded and Windows CE.
  • Choose a customer resolution, or a default resolution that will scale according to the application. This is a great way to future proof your SCADA software application.
  • Learn to set background colors using custom colors, insert items from the included symbol library, and create tags.
  • Learn to make buttons, and apply tag values to text or image animations.
  • Run applications locally, or on a remote device that can be managed remotely.
  • A multiple screen application for InduSoft Web Studio can be created and run within minutes!

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