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Freitag, 17. April 2015

InduSoft and Networked Data Acquisition Systems


    Bruce Fuller (Fluke)
    • Fluke corporation
    • Partnership between Fluke and InduSoft-Fluke DAQ
    • Products Overview
      • 2640A NetDAQ
      • 2645A NetDAQ
      • 2680 Series
      • 1586A Super-DAQ
      • 2638A HYDRA
    • Case Studies

    Fabio Terezinho (InduSoft)
    • Architecture
    • Fluke DAQ Software Overview
    • Fluke DAQ Editions and Add-Ons
    • Demo



Fluke DAQ comes with built in data reporting and trending displays. Fluke 2680 Series Networked Data Acquisition System can be accessed directly from a PC or over a LAN.

In 2005, Fluke Calibration was the subject of a case study that detailed why they chose to work with InduSoft web Studio, and how they used it to develop their application. You can read the case study now: Networked Data Acquisition System Uses InduSoft Web Studio for Configuration and Operating Interface