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Remote Access to Machine HMIs with Quantum Automation


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Case Study
  • Expanded Topics

Quantum Automation (Brian Gallogly and Chris Doan)
  • Machine Concept and Architecture
  • InduSoft Features Used

InduSoft Web Studio User Interface


Two types of interfaces to consider

  • The UI of IWS

  • The UI you create as part of your project

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 Best Practices for System Integrators


  • When designing a new project
  • Tags Database
  • Graphic Interface
  • General
  • Performance optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • When deploying the project

Licensing InduSoft Web Studio


  • Choosing your license
  • Hardkey vs Softkey
  • Hardkey options
  • License server (floating license)
  • Transferring a Softkey license
  • Web activation

Surry Chemicals: Powerful HMI for the Garment Industry


  • InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier - Sr. Technical Sales)
    •     InduSoft Machine Builder Tips and Tricks
    •     Mobile Access
    •     Overall Monitoring (architecture)
    •     Printing Press for Money concept
  • Surry Chemical (Bryan Ogletree - Control Systems Engineer)

Introduction to InduSoft Web Studio Service Pack 3


  • Introduction
  • Highlights
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A

Real-time Analysis for Oil and Gas Drilling


Real-time analysis of data can be difficult, especially in a remote location that is reliant on mobile access to machinery and data. PML leveraged the remote access capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio to offer real-time analysis of drilling conditions for the oil and gas industry. In this webinar, PML will discuss how they were able to offer access to real-time data analysis through cloud connectivity. With special guest speaker, John Parsons of PML.

Communicating with Omron PLCs using the SYSMAC Gateway in InduSoft Web Studio Webinar


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier - Sr. Technical Sales)
  • IWS communications overview
    • Driver Worksheets MDS/SDS
    • Tag Integration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training Videos and Webinars

Omron (Jay Hughes - Sr. Applications Engineer)

Connecting InduSoft Web Studio to the Wonderware Historian


InduSoft (Andre Bastos)
  • Company Overview
  • InduSoft Web Studio Database Connectivity
  • Integration with Wonderware System Platform
  • Native Interface to WW Historian for sharing and retrieving historical Data
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A

Wonderware (Ray Norman)
  • What is a Historian - and Why Do I Need One?
  • Wonderware Historian Overview
  • Historian Clients
  • Summary

Creating Symbols in InduSoft Web Studio


Brief overview of symbols
  • Reminder: Traning Video
  • Project Symbols vs. System Symbols

Creating Symbols
  • LED Rectangle Segment Meters
  • Gauges with Alarm Levels
  • Alarm Lights
  • Clocks
  • Pattern Login
  • Tanks using Class Tags

Batch Process Analysis and Traceability for the Food Industry


InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
Advanced Automation (Marcelo Tise)
  • Introduction
  • Solution
  • Demonstration
  • Q & A

Stump the Expert, December 2013

(Morning:1:14:59) (Afternoon: 1:01:23)

InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
  • Q & A

VBScript Debugging in InduSoft Web Studio


InduSoft (Eng. Andre Bastos)
  • Company Overview
  • VBScript on InduSoft Web Studio
  • Debugging Tools
  • Debugging Features for VBScript on IWS
  • Q & A

OPC UA Connectivity with InduSoft Web Studio and the OPC Foundation


OPC in IWS overview (Scott A. Kortier)
  • OPC Technologies available
  • OPC UA Example

OPC (Thomas Burke, OPC Foundation)
  • OPC Overview
  • OPC information

Cybersecurity For Automation


InduSoft Web Studio Security (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Security modes and advanced settings
  • Thin client security
  • Remote management security

Cyber Security (Stephen Miller, of Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso)
  • Explore system security, the Cyber security Frameword, and the CSET tool.
  • Q&A session with Stephen to discuss security concerns and questions

Integrating InduSoft Web Studio with Beckhoff Devices


InduSoft (Eng. Andre Bastos)
  • Company Overview
  • Connectivity on InduSoft Web Studio architecture
  • TWCAT Drvier, OPC UA, Tag Integration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Q&A

Beckhoff (Eng. Rich lester)
  • Products Overview
  • TwinCAT2 and TwinCAT3
  • ADS
  • OPC UA

Best Practices for InduSoft Web Studio Packaging Applications


InduSoft (Eng. Fabio Terezinho)

  • Real-world solutions - Mother Parkers Case Study
  • Advantages of the InduSoft solution
  • Best designing practices
  • Q&A 

Application Lifecycle Management in InduSoft Web Studio


  • Introduction
  • What is it?
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Installing InduSoft Collaboration Tools
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A

Portuguese Webinar: InduSoft and the Evolution of SCADA


Our Brazil office conducted a webinar about InduSoft and the Evolution and SCADA. This webinar is presented in Portuguese.

HMI/SCADA System Scalability


HMI/SCADA Scalability (Scott Kortier, InduSoft, Inc.)

  • Operating System Scalability
  • Screen Resolution auto scale and coversion
  • Tag count and number of screens
  • Local logging or full SQL Database
  • Local HMI, to SCADA, to Remote 

Mother Parkers Application (John Hawkins, Mother Parkers)

  • Expansion from HMI to MES
  • Communication Paths
  • Benefits