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Automatic Coffee Dryer


Students at Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia Develop Automatic Coffee Dryer Application in InduSoft Web Studio

This project was created a team of four students at the University of Technology of Pereira in Columbia: Indira Juliana Tobon Gonzales, Cristian David Garcia Leguizamo, Miguel Eduardo Granada Leguizamo, and Mario Andres Loaiza Perez. This automatic coffee dryer was created as a part of the curriculum for the Mechatronic Engineering program.

In the first stage of the process, the dryer vibrates the coffee beans, while the application shows a visualization of the process. Sensors indicate light, humidity, and temperature, allowing the coffee dryer to open or close as weather conditions permit. In this application, weather conditions are simulated.

Safety sensors will pause the application if motion triggers the safety response. From there, the dryer must be reset from the application to ensure that operators are not in contact with the moving pieces of the machinery. The application can also be manually started and stopped from the application screen.

For more information on this automatic coffee dryer designed by the students in the Mechatronic Engineering program at the University of Technology of Pereira in Columbia, please view the video below.