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Home Automation using Microsoft Kinect


Home Automation Project using InduSoft Web Studio and Microsoft Kinect is no Game

The students and professors at Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia are hard at work exploring new methods of developing SCADA projects that make use of the latest innovations in graphic interfaces and input methods. Their newest project was created by student Sebastián Nieto Narváez, and supervised by teacher and engineer William Prado Martínez and Julián Eduardo Granados Piraván. This new approach to home automation was created using an educational version of InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, and integrates a Microsoft Kinect as an input method.

According to Sebastián Nieto Narváez, “We made a prototype that looks like a home, and is controlled by the movement of our fingers using the Kinect.” The goal of the project is to have a sensor that can understand gestures and hand movements, and send that information to an application that can use those gestures as an input method to control the home. Gestures could be used to turn lights on or off, open or close windows, set alarms, or change temperature settings. There are many exciting applications for this kind of technology.

The initial application was designed in Indusoft Web Studio Educational v7.1 communicating with a THINGETH PLC via MODBU RTU.

This is an amazing project to see in action! The flick of a finger turns on lights, and motion sensors inside the home can pro-actively turn lights on or off when people enter the room. A gesture can open a window or turn on an alarm. See Sebastián Nieto Narváez move through this project below!

Download their application