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Operation and Online Monitoring of an Exploration Vehicle

This project was developed by students at the University of Technology of Pereira Colombia, as a part of their curriculum in the Mechatronic Engineering Program. This project is an integration of different disciplines, including programming, electronics, microcontrollers, communication networks and SCADA systems.  The project was developed in, and runs on InduSoft Web Studio Educational licenses.

The project is the implementation of a SCADA system that allows the remote operation of an exploration vehicle, and the online monitoring of its variables, including: temperature,  and position and the display of a camera. For the development of the project, the team made use of many of InduSoft Web Studio’s features, including: communication drivers, scripting, security levels, animated icons, buttons, online monitoring, and other tools that the software has for the development of SCADA projects. The platform for exploration includes two DC motor with gear boxes, drivers for DC motors, Arduino Mega system, two Xbee modules, and a GPS module