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Pig Farm Feeding Automation System

Livestock feed requires a great deal of monitoring in order to provide the correct amount of nutrition efficiently to the animals. This is the case especially for pigs, who are sold by their weight at market. An automated feed system can help in monitoring food amounts, set feeding schedules, ensure the dosage of micro and macronutrients, and determine how much food should be given to each animal based on age and weight.

A well-designed SCADA system can help ensure that animals are healthy, and that each animal is receiving the correct amount of food and nutrition.

This project consists of a main hopper for feed, with five valves that open and close as needed. These valves are responsible for filling the hopper dispenser, which containts the appropriate dose of food, distributed on schedule or sent directly to each pig trough.

InduSoft Web Studio was used to design a SCADA system to monitor the hopper and dispenser, and there are plans to add additional elements to the application over the course of the program.