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InduSoft Add-Ons

Here you will find additional information on the add-ons that InduSoft makes available to users. If you have questions about pricing or use of these optional product add-ons, or you wish to purchase them, please contact us at info@indusoft.com

Import Wizards for PanelMate, PanelView, and FactoryTalk

InduSoft Web Studio import wizards allow you to convert whole applications from PanelMate™ from Eaton, or FactoryTalk™ or PanelBuilder™ from Rockwell automation. It’s possible to save considerable time in conversion from a previously designed application to an InduSoft Web Studio application.

InduSoft’s Import Wizard for FactoryTalk™ allows you to convert a FactoryTalk application into an InduSoft Web Studio project and deploy it on any platform supported by InduSoft Web Studio. Import tags, screens, alarm configuration, and communication settings from your FactoryTalk projects. After converting applications, you can also edit and enhance them, leveraging any native feature of InduSoft Web Studio.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Template

Transform raw data into meaningful information in a very easy way. Design custom dashboards in minutes with the InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Dashboard Template.

Drive conclusions from raw data and visualize the information without being a database expert. Retrieve data from either Microsoft Access or SQL Server and present it as:

  • Pie Charts
  • Pareto Graphs
  • Line Graphs
  • Tables
  • Printed Reports (Even as PDF)

Click here to find out more about the InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Dashboard Template.


Our Toolkit APIs are offered to give users even more customization options for InduSoft Web Studio. These APIs allow you to access the proprietary InduSoft database, or develop drivers for your own hardware.
  • Database Toolkit API – The Database Toolkit API allows you to access the InduSoft Web Studio proprietary database in order to access InduSoft data from a third party program that isn’t already compatible.
  • Driver Toolkit API – The Driver Toolkit API allows users to create their own drivers to communicate with InduSoft Web Studio. If you’ve built your own device with a proprietary protocol, our driver toolkit will allow you to create the driver you need to communicate directly with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software.


The InduSoft Gateways allow bidirectional communication to Wonderware’s InTouch, or  iFix. This communication gateway allows users to access data from the control room without changing the original application. All communication calls happen within InduSoft Web Studio, allowing you to share information freely between the two applications without altering the system you already have in place. Available Gateways include:
  • InduSoft Gateway for Wonderware InTouch
    • Supported Version: up to InTouch 2012
  • InduSoft Gateway for FixDMACs or iFIX
    • Supported version: Fix DMACs or iFix v4.0: Fix DMACs v6.15

InduSoft DNP3 and IEC Driver Information (no additional charge with any license for v8.1 or newer)

These two drivers are offered as additional drivers for purchase to those who use devices that communicate using the DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol Version 3) or IEC (IEC 60870-5-104) protocols often used in electric power systems. The DNP3 driver connects using serial and IP connections, while the IEC driver connect over Ethernet only. These drivers were created in order to provide a reduction in communication channel bandwidth use, communication that is reliable and resistant to electric interference.

Other features of these protocols include:

  • Time stamping: know exactly when an event occurred (not when the SCADA system noticed it) to maintain traceability within the process
  • Poll for changes: read only the changes in new data, without having to read all information each time.
  • Unsolicited reporting: data that changes during the process is automatically reported to the SCADA with a timestamp
  • Classes of data: prioritized data may be read more often
  • Reliability: ensures that the local machine received and understood the data sent to it, even on serial connections.
  • Interoperability: DNP3 and IEC are standard protocols, which allows users to mix equipment from different manufacturers and easily integrate them, using IWS as a gateway to share that data with PLCS, and other types of controllers not normally associated with these protocols.

Additional Thin Clients

InduSoft Web Studio runtime licenses support one Thin Client session, by default. If you require additional Thin Client sessions concurrently connected to the runtime station, you can purchase additional Thin Clients and upgrade your runtime license. Please contact us for pricing or more information.