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How to choose a license

InduSoft Web Studio provides a simple, yet flexible licensing model. All main features are supported in any license. You can specify your license based on your project requirements, as illustrated below.

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1. Choose the Execution Mode


Single Development



Single Runtime



Single Development
and Runtime Environment


One single IDE (development) license allows you to create as many projects as you want. Each station running InduSoft Web Studio runtime requires a single runtime license.

* You can purchase and install both the Development (IDE) license and the Runtime license on the same computer. Alternatively, you can install the Development-Only license in one computer, and the Runtime-Only license in another computer. The Development-Only license allows you to develop and run the application (for testing purposes), but the runtime will shut-down automatically after running for continuous 72 hours.

2. Choose the Runtime Edition (for Runtime only)


Full Runtime


Compact HMI








InduSoft Web Studio provides runtime editions for multiple platforms and types of projects. All runtime editions can execute projects created with the same integrated development environment (IDE), which is always installed on a Desktop/Server Windows operating system.

3. Choose the maximum number of tags required

150 tags


300 tags


1.5K tags


4K tags 


16K tags


32K tags


64K tags


512K tags


10M tags

-Available for full-runtime, CEView, EmbeddedView and IoTView

-Available for full-runtime only

Tag levels allow you to define cost effective solutions for any size of project, including the “virtually unlimited tags” option (10 million tags). Only the Full Runtime (SCADA) runtime edition supports options with 16K tags or more.
The lowest tag level for Development licenses is 1.5K tags. In other words, licenses for 150 tags and 300 tags are available for Runtime only.

4. Choose the maximum number of concurrent Thin Clients

1 thin client (default)


2 thin clients




1000 thin clients


Any runtime license supports one thin client by default (no additional cost). You can increase the maximum number of concurrent Thin Clients supported by the runtime according to your specific needs. The license is always installed/associated with the runtime station – i.e.: you do not need to install a license on the Thin Client stations.

5. Choose the licensing method


USB token



Unique Code


License Server

Network License

The Hardkey option provides a high level of portability, which is especially convenient for development licenses (Hardkeys are not available for IoTView). The Softkey option is just a code that matches unique hardware identifiers from the station where the license is installed. License Server allows multiple stations to consume licenses from a single Hardkey installed in a computer available in the network (License Server).The Softkey option is just a code that matches unique hardware identifiers from the station where the license is installed, binding it to that specific station only.

6. Add-ons




Import Wizards

Convert 3rd party projects



Domain applications

Consult your software vendor about add-ons that may be suitable for your needs.

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