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InduSoft Services

Nothing is more important to us than providing our users with everything they need to succeed in their goals. InduSoft is committed to offering the highest standard of service available to all users of InduSoft Web Studio, whether requirements involve after-hours support availability or long or short term consulting needs.

Some services we offer:

Startup Kit:  The InduSoft Startup Kit is an agreement that provides 40 hours of consulting services from InduSoft experts. These hours may be used to assist in application development, offer onsite training, or improve an existing application.

“Turn Key” project development: InduSoft can develop your application from start to finish. Our team is always available to discuss project requirements, or to assist you in finding your nearest Certified System Integrator.

Consulting services: InduSoft offers consulting services for any InduSoft related project at an hourly rate. Take advantage of the consulting services of the InduSoft team, or we will assist you in finding the best Certified System Integrator for your project.

OEE Solutions: The InduSoft team can help you develop and implement OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) dashboards to provide your operators with the information they need to make realtime decisions.

Digital Signage solutions: Need help with a digital signage project? Let InduSoft assist you, or work with an InduSoft Certified System Integrator.

Consulting Services On Demand: Let us help you shave hours off your development time, and get personalized assistance. Click here to reserve time with an InduSoft Web Studio experts.

SCADA/HMI optimization: Do you think your application could be running more efficiently? Let the experts optimize it and streamline your application.

Phone Support During Business Hours: InduSoft provides support to all users, and we will never ask you for a support contract number before we will assist you. Our US business hours are 9:00 to 5:00 CST, during which our support team will be available for phone calls. You may request email support at any time by emailing support@InduSoft.com, or clicking on the chat button on our home page.

Please see our contact page for information on how to reach us.

Extended Support Options: InduSoft offers two additional levels of support contracts that are available to users with critical applications. Please contact us for pricing on additional support.

  • 18x5 Support – This option allows users to call any of our offices during their business hours, and users who have this support will also be moved to the head of the support queue when they send in requests.
  • 24x7 Support – This support option allows users access to InduSoft personnel for immediate support at any time, regardless of holiday or weekend calendar days. In addition, users with this level of support are moved to the top of the support queue.