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Web Thin Client

Thanks for trying the Live Demo for InduSoft Web Studio®. Please follow the instructions below to enjoy the demo online from your Web Browser:

  1. Click on the button below (View Demo) to connect to the InduSoft Web Studio Server.
  2. You will be prompted:
    • User Name Guest, no password
    • Press OK to access the demo application.

View Demo

If you have any problem viewing the demo, please check the following items:

Make sure that your Web Browser is Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.

The first time that you attempt to connect to the Server, your browser will download the ISSymbol control from InduSoft’s web site. It may take a few seconds or even minutes (depending on the speed of your internet connection). After downloading this control, you will be prompted with a dialog asking if you want to install ISSymbol in your computer. Just press the Yes button and you will be connected to the demo application. This procedure is only executed the first time you attempt to view the demo from your computer.

Make sure that the following settings from the Security system from Internet Explorer are set as Enable or Prompt (Tools > Internet Options > Security (Custom Level):

  • Download signed ActiveX controls
  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.

Note:  Due to new Windows security requirements, some Windows 8 machines may not allow updating of the ISSymbol.ocx in Internet Explorer. The symptoms of this issue occurring is the Live Demo web page will remain blank after following the instructions shown above.

If this happens, manually install the ISSymbol.ocx. Just download and run the Thin Client Installation (you will need to logon to the InduSoft website first) located on the InduSoft Download Web Page.

As an alternative, Internet Explorer can be Run As Administrator before navigating to the Live Demo. Once the ISSymbol.ocx is installed, if you do not immediately get the demo logon screen, close I.E. and restart it normally.

If the problem persists, please Contact Us.


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