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U.S. Email Addresses:

General: info@indusoft.com

Orders: orders@indusoft.com

Support: support@indusoft.com

Licensing: license@indusoft.com

Training: training@indusoft.com

Careers: careers@indusoft.com

Educational Licenses: educational@indusoft.com

Requirements: requirements@indusoft.com

Sales: sales@indusoft.com

Brazil Email Addresses:

General: info@indusoft.com.br

Support: suporte@indusoft.com

Training: treinamento@indusoft.com.br

Education Licenses: educacional@indusoft.com.br

Germany Email Address:

General: info@indusoft.com.de

Spanish Support:

Spanish Support: soporte@indusoft.com


China & Asia-Pacific:

China & Asia-Pacific Support: support.apac@indusoft.com
Phone: China -- 400-820-1521
             Asia Pacific -- +800 4500-3457 or +86 400-820-1521
Chat:     中国技术支持
Hours:   8:30 to 17:30 (UTC+08:00) Monday to Friday excluding holidays
Languages: Chinese and English